Our Mission

Julie’s Heart Cry is a faith-based organization that aims to eliminate obstacles that otherwise might lead women to choose an abortion both locally and globally. We hope to establish birthing centers in developing countries in order to come alongside of women who are grieving from abortion, miscarriage, or the loss of a child.

Our deepest desire is to establish relationships among women in all walks of life around the globe. Our vision is to build a community of women who know they will be heard, loved, supported, empowered, and strengthened in order to walk together in faith.

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Where Are
We Impacting?

There isn’t a corner of the world where women do not have to face the reality of choosing between life and their unborn baby. Every women of every age, race, and religion are challenged with judgment or condemnation for making that choice. Even in the midst of their own communities, the undeniable loneliness and grief felt is hard to grasp.




that churches do not have a ministry prepared to discuss options during an unplanned pregnancy.





who have had an abortion have no one at church who knows they have had a pregnancy terminated.



7 in 10


classify themselves as Christians.



Bringing hope, integrity and empowerment to women has the greatest potential to
bring lasting impact to communities
all around the world.



Our Programs


We believe the good news of Jesus Christ is the key for these women to understand hope. Isaiah 61:1 reminds us to "bring good news to the poor,  heal the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom to the captives" and we believe this truth will transform the way women see their purpose.


One of the ways we want to bring integrity to women is helping them in their pregnancy journeys. We have identified key remote locations around the world in desperate need of birthing centers in order to establish centers in these communities. By doing so, women will have access to a more dignified labor and delivery with advanced medical support at hand. Ultimately, our goal is to lower the maternal death rate and save the lives of the unborn.


We believe every woman has a purpose far greater than themselves and is worthy of being loved. We want to build communities where women who have experienced hardship and pain, feel empowered and educated to help other women who are entering into similar seasons. We hope to provide established curriculums to bring about awareness, education, and change.


Their Hope +
Made Possible by You.

Women all over the world are silently pleading for a voice, for a plan greater than themselves, and for a purpose amongst chaos and unforeseen circumstances.By partnering with us, you are able to make a powerful change by helping to bring these visions and goals to life. Join us today in equipping women globally with proper prenatal care, giving them the tools to live freely, and spreading the message of hope.

Your prayer support and financial contributions could literally be the difference between life and death for a woman and her unborn baby. Your generosity could enable a woman to have the proper care she deserves throughout her prenatal journey. You could be the one who saves the life of an unborn baby by allowing them to come into the world surrounded by a more medically supported system. Your donation could make a world of difference. Would you consider joining with us?



Would you consider partnering with us on this journey to bring hope, integrity, and empowerment to women all across the world?


Gather a group and be a voice for this unheard women. Learn and grow alongside others to build lasting, healing change.


Want to know more? Want to be education with the available resources for you, your friend, or women all across the world?