Literacy Program

Did you know that 493 million adult women in developing countries are illiterate? And this solvable problem is having a devastating impact in their daily lives.

Women are:

- unable to administer prescriptions correctly to their children

- attend church on a regular basses yet are unable to read the Bible for themselves in their own language

- unable to help their children with homework

- unable to participate in social events requiring simple reading

- unable to read a letter or write their own name

- unable to acquire a decent paying job


Julie’s Heart Cry is partnering with the local church to provide the much needed literacy classes beginning with the women already attending the church.  Our goal is to close the gap for these women in the work and marketplace. We believe this will build a healthy bridge for families. By encouraging this program, we believe Biblical literacy will lead to profitable mentoring, discipleship and expanding kingdom work.

Won’t you consider giving an opportunity for a women to learn how to read?