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Emergency Kits

Did you know that the majority of people in Refugee and IDP camps are women and children? Imagine running for your life for weeks or months before reaching a camp, possibly being raped along the way just to arrive in a camp where the probability of you or your daughter being raped yet again is quite high. Because of the stigma and shame attached to rape, getting the much needed data is quite difficult. Research done in an IDP camp (camp purposely not named) discovered that 70% of the women and girls have been sexually assaulted, one of the many reasons for the staggering numbers of abortions in these camps.

When families are able to make it to a safe location, these kits are full of essential materials and products that every women needs to start off well. For less than $200/ kit, we can provide an emergency kit to help them towards their healing journey.

Every kit includes:

Cooking Oil
2 Plates
2 Bowls
4 Drinking cups
 Kitchen utensils
1 Set of sheets
1 Blanket 
Bars of soap
1 Large water Pot
1 Large Laundry Pan
2 Buckets
2 Cooking pots
1 Plastic Jerry Can for water
1 Manual Grain Grinder ( peanut butter, pumpkin butter, sesame butter/tahini, corn flour )